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Mickey Mousecapade

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One of Mickey's friends is in trouble, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse are on a rescue mission! Mickey Mousecapade is an action platform game. In order to reach your goal (and find out which of Mickey's friends is in trouble), you'll need to jump and climb your way through various levels which take place in different locations (including a fun house, a treacherous sea side, a pirate ship, and a castle). Each screen has numerous obstacles and enemies which will drain your energy if you come in contact; lose all of your energy, and a life is lost and the game ends when you have no lives left. You control Mickey Mouse and Minnie follows along. You'll need to make sure Minnie stays safe as you make your way through the levels (for example, if you mistime a jump and Mickey lands safely but Minnie doesn't a life will be lost). In addition to avoiding obstacles, there is also some occasional puzzle solving (such as locating a key to open locked doors, or finding your way out of the woods).

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