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About Us

Welcome to Sword n' Board Games!

Who we are
Sword n' Board Games are just some guys who have a passion for gaming, old and new. As our game collections have grown, we've realized that the care we took in our game collecting, and refurbishment of said games is something others may appreciate and benefit from. So here we are! 

Our mission
We understand how important your video game collections are to you, and that we provide the best possible condition games and systems possible. In order to do this, we do something no other retro gaming store does. We separate our perfect condition used product from our blemished used product. What this means is that you know for sure you're getting a near perfect product when you select the "Near-Perfect" product option on all of our listings! And if you don't care too much about visible flaws, we have our "Blemished" condition option, which will apply a discount!

Why we're special
In the case of cartridge based games, we disassemble every single game for rigorous cleaning. No stickers, no cracks, no writing, no color discoloration will appear in our "Near Perfect" class cartridges. We also polish the contacts to a gleaming gold so the game will last another 10 years if treated well! We're almost certain no other retro game store does this. We'll even replace batteries in cartridges that no longer want to save games. Our refurbishments are something we take a lot of pride in!

In the case of disc based games, you will never receive a scratched disc from us. Ever. 

We de-yellow all of the consoles we sell. Even the blemished ones! Another service that other retro gaming stores do not provide! 

Small but growing
Sword n' Board Games is currently a relatively small operation, but things are moving fast! We hope that you will help us grow by becoming a repeat customer for all your retro collecting needs. Focused on NES at this time, we have big plans for the future by adding more consoles and accessories to our line. Stay with us for the ride!